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Please note that the displayed sizes on our site are UK sizes.

If you change the currency, they sizes remain in UK sizing.


Our main range is sized:

UK Size US Size European Size Bust Waist Hip
6 2 34 81cm 65cm 90cm
8 4 36 83cm 67cm 93cm
10 6 38 88cm 72cm 98cm
12 8 40 92cm 77cm 103cm
14 10 42 97cm 82cm 108cm
16 12 44 102cm 87cm 110cm


Our Curve collection is sized:

UK Size US Size European Size Bust Waist Hip
18 14 46 109cm 92cm 112cm
20 16 48 114cm 97cm 117cm
22 18 50 119cm 102cm 123cm
24 20 52 124cm 105cm 128cm
26 22 54 129cm 110cm 133cm


Our swimwear is sized by your UK dress size and then your cup size. Please use the below conversion:

6 B/C 2 B/C 34 B/C
6D/DD 10 D/DD 34 D/E
8 B/C 4 B/C 36 B/C
8 D/DD 4 D/DD 36 D/E
10 B/C 6 B/C 38 B/C
10 D/DD 6 D/DD 38 D/E
12 B/C 8 B/C 40 B/C
12 D/DD 8 D/DD 40 D/E
14 B/C 10 B/C 42 B/C
14 D/DD 10 D/DD 42 D/E


And our cup sized swimwear is sized by your UK bra size. Please use the below conversion:

30B 30B 65B 80B 0B 8B
30C 30C 65C 80C 0C 8C
30D 30D 65D 80D 0D 8D
30DD 30DD/E 65E 80E 0DD 8E
30E 30DDD/F 65F 80F 0E 8F
30F 30G 65G 80G 0F 8G
30FF 30H 65H 80H 0FF 8H
30G 30I 65J 80J 0G 8I
32A 32B 70B 85B 1A 10B
32B 32B 70B 85B 1B 10B
32C 32C 70C 85C 1C 10C
32D 32D 70D 85D 1D 10D
32DD 32DD/E 70E 85E 1DD 10E
32E 32DDD/F 70F 85F 1E 10F
32F 32G 70G 85G 1F 10G
32FF 32H 70H 85H 1FF 10H
32G 32I 70J 85J 1G 10I
34A 34A 75A 90A 2A 12A
34B 34B 75B 90B 2B 12B
34C 34C 75C 90C 2C 12C
34D 34D 75D 90D 2D 12D
34DD 34DD/E 75E 90E 2DD 12E
34E 34DDD/F 75F 90F 2E 12F
34F 34G 75G 90G 2F 12G
34FF 34H 75H 90H 2FF 12H
34G 34I 75J 90J 2G 12I
36A 36A 80A 95A 3A 14A
36B 36B 80B 95B 3B 14B
36C 36C 80C 95C 3C 14C
36D 36D 80D 95D 3D 14D
36DD 36DD/E 80E 95E 3DD 14E
36E 36DDD/F 80F 95F 3E 14F
36F 36G 80G 95G 3F 14G
36FF 36H 80H 95H 3FF 14H
36G 36I 80J 95J 3G 14I



Should you have any questions on individual garment measurements please send us an email at and we will do our best to help!






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