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You'll never be as young as you are right now.

Posted on 09 December 2015

From a young age we dream of faraway places and enchanting destinations. In adulthood we still long for exotic locations and most of us will have a mental list of everywhere we would like to travel. However, it’s often the case that we’ve refrained from taking trips on one of three bases – work, family or money. So, here are 5 reasons why travel will make you a better person to give you the extra push you need to book your dream trip away. 

You'll develop better social skills
If you’re travelling in a small group or on your own then good sociable skills are a necessity in order for you to survive. If they’re not that great to begin with then it’s not a problem, they will quickly improve. You’ll find yourself more able to strike up conversation with complete strangers and it will become part of your nature. Obviously, this is only going to have a positive effect on your confidence and you’ll come back a more accomplished and sociable person. 

You'll become more laid back 
Your travels will teach you that little things really don’t matter. You’ll make mistakes and errors about where to stay and what to eat but soon realise that there’s a way round this and apply the same mind-set to trivial things when you return home. 

You'll be more open to new things
As soon as you see a risk pay off you’ll be more open to try new things that you never thought you would do whether it’s tasting weird and wonderful food or doing an extreme sport. Basically, travel is the best way to break out of your comfort zone. 

You'll become more clever 
Seeing more of the world will definitely make you smarter. You’ll be knowledgeable about different people, places and cultures – something that you can only achieve through first-hand experience.  

You'll be less materialistic   
Being away from home, especially if you’re backpacking, you’ll learn that you only need your essentials in order to live. You’ll be less exposed to technology and consumerism and be better off for it. When you return home you’ll be able to cut the nonsense out of your life and hopefully have a happier and more minimalist approach to life in general. 

Stop making excuses, find a way to book that trip to your dream destination and pack your bags and go because you'll never be as young as you are right now. 

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