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Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing.

Posted on 01 December 2015

Last week’s blog on how to put boundaries in place to improve your work/life balance demonstrated how easy it is for us to get consumed in the daily grind. It may not even be that work is to blame, but whatever is taking up your time, routine is boring and doesn’t make for a particularly fulfilling or exciting life. We often excuse our boring ruts with a lack of time and money – but that’s not good enough. There are easy – and free – ways to try new things and develop yourself to prevent melancholy and add a bit of fun back into your life. 

1.     Take a trip
This doesn’t have to be a pricey option. Booking a holiday away is great but a day trip at the weekend will also do the trick. Get out of the city, see something new and immerse yourself in some culture. You’ll be bouncing back into work on Monday morning! 

2.     Read a book 
Anything you read, whether a book, magazine or online platform, has been shown to reduce stress and increase intelligence. Although it may sound dull in theory, broadening what you know can only have a positive effect on your mind. 

3.     Play a musical instrument 
Creativity is often the missing element so what better outlet than learning to play a musical instrument? The same can be said for taking up painting and drawing or anything that gets your creative juices flowing. Join a class or teach yourself online – there is literally a YouTube tutorial for anything. The added bonus is that learning to play a musical instrument has huge benefits on brain productivity! 

4.     Exercise 
Get those endorphins flowing by upping, or lowering, your heartbeat a few times a week. Whether you’re hiking through beautiful scenery, going crazy at zumba or zenning it out at yoga class, you can’t go wrong with regular exercise sessions for a bit of a boost. 

5.     Meet new people
This might happen naturally if you join a new club or class but otherwise, try making the extra effort and taking up social invitations that you would normally turn down. Most of the time you won’t regret making this decision, you’ll appreciate the new faces and different conversation and who knows who you might meet! 

Other than that, the little things make a big difference. You can try switching up your morning routine, singing in the shower, blasting music to dance to and eating different food to combat your boredom. Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing and you will reap the benefits.

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